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No connection to September 11th directly. Of interest though because he worked alongside Patrick Joseph Lochrie, particularly in the sting on the Nano family in St Vincent. Also involved in terrorism case in the past.

  • Special Agent John E. Osa entered on duty with the FBI in 1990. His first office of assignment was San Antonio, Texas.
  • Special Agent Osa spent four years investigating Bank Fraud violations before moving to the Organized Crime/Drug Investigations Squad. There, he worked closely with the Drug Enforcement Administration, specializing in Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations and Money Laundering investigations. During his time in San Antonio, Special Agent Osa also served on task forces which investigated the Branch Davidian Siege in Waco, Texas, and the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.
  • In 1999, Special Agent Osa was transferred to the Miami Division to assist in an operation targeting offshore banks and international money launderers.
  • In 2003, Special Agent Osa helped launch and oversee operations targeting Security Fraud and Ponzi Schemes.
  • For the last six years, Special Agent Osa has been investigating Public Corruption in South Florida.

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