As they are hard to find, here are the registered addresses of Benevolence International Foundation:


  1. Yemen
  2. Gaza Strip
  3. Bangladesh
  4. 20-24 Branford Place, Suite 705, Newark, New Jersey, United States of America (Former location), 67102
  5. 8820 Mobile Avenue, IA, Oak Lawn, Illinois, United States of America, 60453
  6. 9838 S. Roberts Road, Suite 1W, Palos Hills, Illinois, United States of America (Former location), 60465
  7. PO Box 1937, Khartoum, Sudan
  8. PO Box 548, Worth, Illinois, United States of America, 60482
  9. Maastricht, Netherlands
  10. Many others abroad, including in China

Benevolence was first set up in the USA in Florida:

450891 PO Box Sunrise, FL 33345

150 University Plantation FL 33324

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